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Roof Bars

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The Goldstar Commercials online store has a vast selection of vehicle roof bars to choose from including numerous different styles and models to suit a wide variety of 4x4 and commercial vehicles.

What Are Roof Bars?

Also known as roof railings or a roof rack, this is a set of bars which are secured to the roof of a motor vehicle. They are used to carry bulky items which would otherwise be difficult to transport, such as luggage, bicycles, or even kayaks.

There are two different types of bars, the first is known as square bars, the second aero bars. For those who are searching for the cheapest option with regards to installing the roof railings, square bars are often cheaper. However, if you would prefer more fuel efficient bars; we suggest aero bars.

Can You Attach Any Roof Rack To Your Vehicle?
No. It is very important that you purchase roof bars which are compatible with your vehicle. However, if you are unsure and need assistance with your purchase, the Goldstar Commercials team will be happy to answer your questions.

How Are The Bars Installed?

Roof racks are attached in number different ways depending on the vehicle. Some vehicles have fittings on their roofs with pre-threaded screw-holes for roof racks. This is known as a fixed point. Another way roof racks can be attached to a vehicle is with side rails. These are factory-installed rails which can be positioned in number different ways, for example flush against the roof or raised off of the roof.

However, if the vehicle does not have a fixed point, a rain gutter, or a factory-installed side rail, you can still install the bars by attaching hooks to the top of door frames.

What Can Your Transport With Roof Bars?

You can use roof railings to carry a wide range of different items, just make sure that you don’t go higher than both the weight limit of the roof bars or the roof of your vehicle. With regards to personal use, they are fantastic for those who enjoy camping; however with regards to commercial use they can be used by joiners, builders, or even mobile hairdressers.

What Products Are Available?
You can browse through a wide range of roof railings for purchase on the Goldstar Commercials online, two of which are:

  • Maxport Roof Rails - Nissan NAVARA D40. This polished roof rail designed for the Nissan NAVARA D40 pick-up truck is made from two aluminium cross bars. The rails completely fit to the Nissan NAVARA D40 providing a perfect aerodynamic structure; allowing for easy and swift installation.

The strong lasting railing system is manufactured from 60mm extruded aluminium pipe and is combined with injected aluminium product heads, connection parts, and cross bars which are polished with electrostatic method and gasket system. The gasket system allows for more than just swift installation, it also allows for the product to fit perfectly to each vehicle it is applied to.

If you are interested in this product, we recommend using glass silicone to adhere to the product.

  • Maxport Roof Rails – Volkswagen Amorak. Designed specifically for use on pick-up truck style vehicles, these roof racks are also made from extruded aluminium pipe, combined with injected aluminium product heads, connection parts, and cross bars which are polished with electrostatic method and gasket system, which are painted black.
The product also includes instructions for installation for those who are in need of assistance.

What Roof Bar Material Should You Choose?

With regards to metal roof bars, two common material types are steel and aluminium. Steel is significantly stronger than aluminium and as such it can be very strong and able to carry larger loads than aluminium bars. However, this strength does have downsides, firstly steel can be significantly heavier than aluminium, and additionally it’s also important to remember that aluminium does not corrode whereas steel does.

As such, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of both steel and aluminium before making a purchase and choose the material that is best suited to your needs.

Are There Any Disadvantages Associated With Using Roof Bars?

Installing roof racks can significantly increase the storage capacity of your vehicle. However, it is important to note that this does include some disadvantages which must be taken into consideration. Firstly, adding roof storage will increase the height of your vehicle, so make sure you measure the highest point of your vehicle before driving in order to check the clearance when passing through height restricted areas such as tunnels or car parking facilities.

Also, it’s important to remember that the additional weight could affect the performance of the vehicle on the road. This means that if you’re transporting liquids, the weight of the liquids can shift as the vehicle moves, which may prove challenging for some drivers.

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