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Clutch Parts

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At Goldstar Commercials, we specialise in providing replacement spare parts for commercial vehicles. So if you need a replacement used van clutch for sale in a hurry, don’t worry because when you order spare parts on our online store, you can enjoy next day delivery.

What Is A Van Clutch?

In short, a manual vehicle’s clutch is a mechanical device which transfers rotational power from the engine to the wheels.

What Does The Clutch Do?

Whilst many drivers understand that the clutch pedal is used in order to change gear, not everyone understands what a clutch does exactly. The clutch connects two or more rotating shafts, in the case of a manual vehicle; this component has control over the connection between the shaft connected to the engine, and the shafts which turn the vehicle’s wheels. In order to allow the vehicle to change speed or come to a complete stop without the engine being turned off, the connection between the engine and the wheels must be broken; this is where the clutch can be utilised. When you push your foot down on the clutch pedal, a pressure plate is pulled from the clutch plate, breaking the connection between the engine and the wheels, which allows the wheels to spin on their own without power of the engine.