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6 Facts About Wing Mirrors

Posted in Vehicle Parts by Goldstar Commercials on March 14th 2019
The world of automobiles has lots of interesting history, with lots of fun and interesting stories to discover. For example, did you know that windscreen/windshield wipers were invented before the automobile became popular?

Another incredibly useful product with numerous obscure facts to read about is the wing mirror (also known as a rear view mirror). So, if you’re interested in learning more about wing mirrors, here’s a list of 6 facts to think about.

6 Facts About Wing Mirrors

  1. They Were Originally Considered A Luxury Product

    Before the 1960s this product was largely thought to be a luxury item. However, after the rise and development of multi-lane roads, this product became very useful for drivers. So, after the ‘60s the wing mirror made the transition from luxury extra, to a standard item, a necessary component of any automobile.
  2. The Passenger Side Mirror Minifies The Reflection

    Due to the distance between the driver and the passenger side mirror, a useful field of view cannot be provided without the use of a convex or aspheric mirror, however using this style of mirror has quite the significant downside, it minifies the reflection. This results in objects appearing further away in the reflection, resulting in the warning often seen on passenger side mirrors, reading something similar to ‘objects are closer than they appear’.
  3. Mirrors Don’t ‘Reverse’ An Image

    Contrary to popular belief, mirrors don’t actually flip an image around, instead they reflect the image. For example, if you look at the reflection of your face in a rear view mirror, you will see the left hand side of your face on the left, and the right hand side on the right; thus giving the impression that the image is reversed or flipped. Non-reversing mirrors are usually limited to the cosmetics industry, as they are very helpful for people who need to see their reflection in a manner similar to how others see them. Instead of a flat reflected image, these ‘true mirrors’ present a 3D image.
  4. Damaged Mirrors Could Cause An MOT Fail

    Legally speaking you need two working mirrors. One of which must be on the driver’s side. This means that if your driver’s side mirror is damaged or worse, no longer there; it’s an automatic MOT fail.
  5. Fines For Mirror Errors Can Be Severe

    Did you know that drivers can be fined up to £2,500 for an error such as the above mentioned, damaged driver’s side mirror or not having two working mirrors? Depending on the damage to the mirror, repairs or replacements can be very inexpensive, sometimes being less than £20. However, at their highest full wing mirror replacements are rarely above £150, which is significantly less than the £2,500 fine for non-compliance.
  6. Incorrect Mirror Position Can Be Dangerous

    If you have the wing mirror positioned too far out, you’ll have a significant blind spot. This means that objects behind the car may not be visible. In order to give you the best view in your rear view mirror, you need to make that only a small portion of your own vehicle is present in the reflection. This allows you to see more of the road behind your vehicle, and also gives you a good reference point to the edge of your vehicle.

How Do Mirrors Work? What’s The Science Behind The Mirror?

Anything with a smooth surface that reflects almost all of the light that interacts with it can be classified as a mirror. One of the most important aspects of a mirror is this smooth surface, as rough surfaces will instead scatter the light, instead of reflecting it.

When light hits and object, and that light enters our eyes, we see the object, however with a mirror, the rays of light hit the smooth surface, they bounce back at the same angle as they hit, thus giving the impression that the image is reversed.

Mirrors in the 21st century are often made of clear glass, with one side being coated with a thin layer of metal, such as aluminium. Mirrors are used in lots of different applications in addition to rear view mirrors on a car. For example, they are used in telescopes, microscopes, high-definition televisions, and lots more.

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