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Vehicles are complex machines that require many different components to work efficiently. So when looking a used van gearbox for sale, make sure that you choose a retailer you can trust; choose Goldstar Commercials.

Additionally, if you need your spares in a hurry, you can enjoy next day delivery when you order commercial vehicle parts from our online store.

Used Van Gearbox for Sale

In general, a gearbox is a mechanical unit that consists of integrated gears within a housing. It functions like any other system of gears; altering torque and speed of the vehicle. In an automatic vehicle, the gears will change without any driver input needed; however in a manual car; the driver will have to manually change gears.

Fun Fact: as manual transmissions weigh less and are less complex than automatics, you typically get more miles out of your petrol, thanks to a slight increase in fuel efficiency.