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The South Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai is the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. They produce luxury cars, engines, and commercial vehicles, so if you’re looking for replacement Hyundai parts get in touch with the Goldstar Commercials team by calling 020 8890 2000 between 9am and 5pm.

The Hyundai Brand

Founded in 1947 by Chung Ju-Yung as an engineering and construction company, the business was established as the Hyundai Motor Company a few decades later in ’67. However, their first model vehicle, known as the Cortina was released in 1968 in co-operation with the world-famous American motor company, Ford.

Did you know that the world’s largest automobile manufacturing plant is owned by Hyundai? It produces over 1.6 million vehicles every year and is located in Ulsan, South Korea.

Nowadays, the company produces a wide range of automotive vehicle and parts, and also owns Kia Motors (32.8%) and 100% owns the subsidiary, Genesis Motor that creates luxury vehicles. With specific regards to commercial vehicles, the Hyundai company signed an agreement towards the end of 2010 with Sichuan Nanjun Automobile to create a joint venture for commercial vehicles, Sichuan Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd.

What Types Of Spare Parts For Hyundai Vans Are Available?

The Goldstar Commercials online store has a diverse selection of replacement parts for Hyundai commercial vehicles to choose from, including but not limited to the following five:

  • Air Flow Sensors. Abbreviated to MAF, the mass air flow sensor is essential to the fuel injection system of your vehicle. If your MAF is faulty, your engine may stall shortly after starting, or even struggle to start at all; it could also hesitate or drag whilst under load or idle. This is because it is installed between the air filter and the intake manifold and its job is to measure the amount of air that enters the engine; which is also known as the air flow.
  • Bonnets. With regards to the bonnet, its main function is to provide quick and easy access to the vehicle’s engine. After all, if there is a fault, the mechanic needs direct access in order to make the necessary repairs and maintenance. However, the bonnet also serves an important role with regards to protecting the engine and other crucial parts from damage that may be caused by direct sunlight and dust. Finally, it’s also worth noting the bonnet also plays a key role in the aerodynamics of the vehicle.
  • Door Glass. Whilst at first it may seem like the glass used in your vehicle’s doors may be insignificant, it’s important to remember that is not ‘just glass’. Glass is used in vehicle doors because of superb transparency, providing the driver with additional visibility, however glass can also be very fragile; which is why a special type of glass is used in the doors of vehicles.
This special type of glass is called tempered glass and it provides a very advantageous additional safety feature. Firstly, this glass is exceptionally strong, providing protection to both the driver and the vehicle’s passengers. However, if the glass does break in the event of an accident, the glass is designed to shatter into small pieces, which are less likely to cause injury or damage.

  • Engine Control Units. Also known as an engine control module and abbreviated to ECU or ECM, this component is a control module that controls actuators on the internal combustion engine, ensuring optimal performance. 
Common symptoms that there is an error with your ECU ranges from things such as the check engine light turning on, the engine misfiring, performance issues with your engine, or the car not starting all together.

  • Heating Components. At first glance the importance of your vehicle’s heating parts may not be apparent. However, they are critical to keep your engine in good condition. Coolant is used to reduce the temperature, and when the coolant heats up, it expands. To account for this expanse, expansion tanks are included in the heating system. However, if there is damage to the tank, coolant could flow out of the engine and pour out onto the street.

Goldstar Commercials; Founded in 1983 With Over 35 Years Of Experience

When purchasing replacement parts for your commercial vehicles, it’s of the upmost importance that you only purchase your spare parts from reputable and reliable businesses that are experienced in the industry.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to both high quality and standards, we are happy to provide a 60 day warranty on all parts purchased from the Goldstar Commercials online store. Additionally for your peace of mind, we also operate a 30 day returns policy.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the replacement Hyundai Parts available from our online store, or if you would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can speak to our team of specialist by calling 020 8890 2000 between 9 am and 5 pm. You can also get in touch with our team using the internet by sending any questions you have to us by email at