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The Italian business Iveco’s name is an acronym for Industrial Vehicles Corporation. They manufacture medium and heavy commercial vehicles, buses, construction site vehicles, and specialist vehicles for fire fighting or military use. So if you need Iveco van parts in a hurry, you can enjoy peace of mind when you purchase from our online store with next day delivery.

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The History Of Iveco

The brand started in 1975 when five different brands merged, three Italian brands, one French brand, and one German brand. The five brands were, Fiat Veicoli Industriali, OM, Lancia Veicoli Speciali, Unic, and Magirus-Deutz.

In 1980, Iveco created the first turbo diesel engine for industrial vehicle. A turbo diesel engine is a diesel engine that is equipped with a turbocharger, which enables it to produce higher power with lower emissions.

Well Known Iveco Vehicles

Iveco have made a wide range of different trucks including light, medium, and heavy vehicles. Light trucks in the Iveco range include the S-series and the Z-series, medium trucks include the EuroCargo, and heavy trucks in clued the PowerStar and Trakker. Additionally, with regards to fire fighting, the brand has also created the Iveco Magirus line of trucks which have been modified to fulfil a fire fighting role.

The brand has also produced vehicles for military use, including the Iveco LMV which is in service by numerous different armed forces over the world including Belgium, Russia, Italy, and Spain. With regards to the Italian army, the vehicle has saved passengers’ lives when the vehicle was hit in an IED attack.

Spare Parts For Iveco Vehicles

You can find a wide range of spare parts available for numerous different Iveco commercial vehicles on the Goldstar Commercials online store, ranging from A/C Compressors to Turbochargers. Some of the parts include but are not limited to.

  • Speedometers
    Speedometers are normally found in the instrument cluster. If there is a failure or error with the instruments in the vehicle, it could cause the engine to cut out whilst driving, it could cause a non start, or it could result in the speedometer and rev counter dropping to zero.
  • Body Panels
    Vehicle body panels serve numerous purposes. Firstly they are aesthetically pleasing; however they also serve to protect the vehicle’s engine and wheels, acting as a barrier in order to minimise the amount of dirt and dust that can come into contact. Additionally, body parts also play an important role in safety. Body panels are designed with crumple zones which absorb the impact of a collision. This is done by increasing the amount of time that it takes for a change in momentum, similar to bending your legs after jumping.
  • Seatbelts
    When seatbelts are worn correctly and kept in a good condition, seat belts can save lives. However, if these items are in poor condition, they could malfunction which could result in significant injuries. For example, if there is a small amount of slack in a seat belt, it could cause a significant injury to individuals inside the vehicle in the event of a collision. This slack can cause a passenger to be thrown around the interior of the vehicle, or even thrown outside of the vehicle. With such a risk, it is essential that your vehicle’s seat belts are in good condition and well maintained.
  • Clutches
    The clutch is a vital component of your vehicle and as such it is critical that it is well maintained and if needed, replaced. A clutch in need of replacement can cause problems such as poor acceleration when revving the engine or difficulty changing gear. However, if your clutch is broken, it could cause damage to the gearbox or the motor.

The Goldstar Commercials 60 Day Warranty – Providing You With Peace Of Mind

Thanks to our 35 years of experience and expert knowledge, our team are able to provide our customers with both high quality products and customer service. To demonstrate our dedication to high quality, we are happy to provide a 60 day warranty on all replacement parts purchased from our online store.

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