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Used Renault Van Parts for Sale

At Goldstar Commercials, we specialise in providing replacement parts for commercial vehicles. Additionally, if you need spare Renault Parts as soon as possible, do not worry because when you order spare parts on our online store, you can enjoy next day delivery.

The History Of The Renault Brand

Founded in 1899 by Louis Renault alongside his brothers Marcel and Fernand, the company was originally known as Société Renault Frères. in 1903, they began to manufacture their own engines and Renault AG1 cars were used to transport French troops during the First World War.

In more recent history, it was announced in 2016 that, by production volume Renault was the 9th biggest automaker in the world. This is a significant achievement, testifying to the quality of the vehicles produced by Renault.

Well Known Renault Models Throughout The Years

Renault have made numerous well known vehicles, this includes SUVs, electric vehicles, and vans.

Some of the more well known models are:

  • Duster Oroch
    A double cab pickup truck produced since 2015. With space for five passengers and a 650kg load capacity, this commercial vehicle is an ideal choice for tradesmen/women.
  • Kadjar
    For those who need an SUV but don’t want a large vehicle, this compact SUV is a great choice. Whilst being compact, it still provides drivers with a wide range of features including two wheel drive with extended grip, or full four wheel drive.
  • Kangoo
    Sometimes referred to as the Kangoo Express, this light commercial vehicle provides great storage capacity, and also provides good transportation capacity. Additionally, the Kangoo also has an electric variant. Released in 2011, the Kangoo Z.E is equipped with a top speed of 81mph, and was voted the International Van of The Year in November 2011, and was elected Electric Vehicle of the Year in 2012 and 2013 by GreenFleet.

Some Of The Spare Parts Available For Renault Commercial Vehicles

  • Air Bags
    These components can save lives, but if they are damaged or if they are kept in poor condition, they could be very dangerous.

    Airbags work by using a small chemical explosive to create gas to fill the nylon bag. This means that a damaged airbag can cause significant injury, as they could explode upon deployment.

  • Body Panels
    These components are not merely there for aesthetic reasons; they also have a very important safety function.

    Body panels are designed with special zones that crumple upon impact, this increases the amount of time it takes for the vehicle to change momentum; absorbing some of the impact during a collision. This increase in time is somewhat similar to bending your legs as you land after a jump.

  • Exhausts
    This component plays multiple key roles in the everyday function of your vehicle. It directs fumes away from the driver and passengers, it improves the performance of the engine, and the exhaust improves fuel consumption. As such it vital that this critical component is well maintained and kept in good condition.

    Some signs your vehicle’s exhaust may be in need of repair or replacement can be a decrease in power and acceleration, a decrease in the fuel efficiency, or a smell of gas.

  • Fuel Pumps
    The fuel pump is a very important vehicle component as it is responsible for pumping fuel into the vehicle’s engine. If the pump is damaged it can result in very serious consequences. One such issue could be an engine misfire which could in turn result in the engine overeating and pre-igniting the fuel whilst driving.
  • Heater Parts
    At first glance the heating system might not seem like an important component for vehicle safety; however it is essential to keep the vehicle in good working order.

    For example, In order to keep your engine in good condition, coolant is used to reduce the temperature. This coolant expands as it increases, facilitating the need for an expansion tank. However, if the tank or the heating system is damaged, this could cause coolant to flow out of the engine and onto the road.

Peace Of Mind When Shopping Online Thanks To Our 60 Day Warranty

When purchasing replacement Renault parts for your commercial vehicle, it’s important to choose to source your spares from a reputable and experienced business that you can trust.

For over three decades we have been providing our customers with high quality products and customer service thanks to our expert knowledge. To demonstrate our dedication to high standards, we provide a 60 day warranty on all parts purchased from the Goldstar Commercials online store.

To Learn More Or To Make An Enquiry, Please Contact Our Team

If you are interested in any of the spare parts for Renault commercial vehicles that are available for purchase on our online store, or if you would like to speak to a member of staff for additional information about any of the replacement parts on our website, our team of specialists will be happy to assist you.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please call our team on 0208 890 2000 between 9am and 5pm. You can also contact us using the internet by sending any questions you have to us by email at
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