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Used Peugeot Van Parts for Sale

At Goldstar Commercials, we specialise in providing used spare parts for vans. Additionally, if you need used Peugeot van parts in a hurry, don’t worry because when you order spare parts on our online store, you can enjoy next day delivery.

The History Of The Peugeot Brand

Whilst the family business was founded in 1810, the Peugeot brand only built their first ‘car’ in 1889, which was actually a steam tricycle and was very unreliable. However, in 1890, the Peugeot business created an internal combustion car with a Panhard-Daimler engine.

Throughout the early 1900s a lot of noteworthy things occurred with regards to the Peugeot brand. In 1903 motorcycles were added to their range, and then a few years later brand won the 1912 French Grand Prix. However, when the First World War began, Peugeot changed production and became a major manufacturer of arms and military vehicles; this included both armoured cars and shells.

There are numerous automotive pioneers still in operation throughout the world, however what makes Peugeot special is that the founders’ descendants are still shareholders and still hold managerial positions.

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Noteworthy Peugeot Vehicles Through The Years

The company has received numerous international awards throughout the years. This includes five European Car of the Year awards. Additionally, did you know that the Peugeot 203 was the first car to be produced after the Second World War?

Cars in the Peugeot range include ‘supermini’ cars such as the 208, powerful SUV vehicles such as the 5008, and variety of commercial vehicles including numerous vans from their partner brands (such as Citroen).

Some Of The Spare Parts Available

You can find a wide range of spare parts available for numerous different Peugeot commercial vehicles on the Goldstar Commercials online store, ranging from Seatbelts to Speedometers. Some of the parts include but are not limited to.

  • Body Panels
    This component serves multiple purposes. First, they create an aesthetically pleasing outer shell for the vehicle. However, this outer shell also serves to protect the vehicle’s engine and wheels from dirt and dust. Additionally they also play a major role with regards to safety.

    Body panels are designed in such a manner that they crumple upon impact, increasing the amount of time it takes for the vehicle to change momentum, thus absorbing some of the impact during a collision. This is similar to bending your legs after jumping.

  • Seatbelts
    When worn correctly and kept in good condition, a seatbelt could save your life. However, if a seatbelt malfunctions due to improper installation or poor condition, they could cause significant injuries, possibly even death.

    It’s important to note that it isn’t just failure to wear a seatbelt that can be lethal; not wearing one correctly can also be extremely dangerous. A small amount of slack could cause the individual to be thrown around the vehicle, possibly even outside of the vehicle itself.

    So make sure that your commercial vehicle’s seatbelts are kept in good condition and if necessary, repaired or replaced.

  • Speedometer
    Normally found in the instrument cluster, speedometers provide the driver with a way to measure their current speed. If there is an issue with the vehicle’s instrument cluster, it could cause a variety of issues. For example, it could cause the engine to cut out whilst driving, it could cause a non start, or it could result in the speedometer and rev counter dropping to zero.

  • Clutch
    The clutch is a critical component of your vehicle and as such it is of upmost importance that it is well maintained and should the damage be too great to repair, replaced.

    Some symptoms that there may be an issue with your vehicle’s clutch include poor acceleration when revving the engine and difficulty changing gear. So if you suspect that your vehicle’s clutch may be damaged or broken, get in touch with a trained professional because if your clutch is broken, it could cause damage to the gearbox or the motor.

  • Fuel Pump
    Another key component of a vehicle is the fuel pump. Responsible for pumping fuel into the engine, it is very important that your vehicle’s fuel pump is well maintained as a damaged fuel pump could have serious consequences. For example, it could cause an engine misfire which could result in issues such as engine overheating and pre-igniting the fuel whilst driving.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind When Shopping Online With Our 60 Day Warranty

When choosing replacement parts for your commercial vehicle, it is of upmost importance that you source your spares from reliable and trustworthy businesses. Goldstar Commercials began our journey over 35 years ago as a family business, started by the Castell family in 1983.

Our team use our expert knowledge gained in our decades of experience in order to provide our customers with high standards for both product quality and customer service. To demonstrate our dedication to high standards, we are happy to provide a 60 day warranty on all parts purchased from the Goldstar Commercials online store.

If You Would Like To Make An Enquiry, Please Contact Our Team

If you are interested in purchasing any of the replacement Peugeot Parts for commercial vehicles that are available on our website, or if you need more information and would like assistance with your purchase, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of staff.

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