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Commercial Vans & Pickups For Sale Staines & Hounslow

Are you searching for a used commercial vehicle in the Staines and Hounslow area? You’re in the right place.

Here are Goldstar Commercials we understand that choosing the right used van can be a minefield. There are so many things to consider because your van is your ultimate business partner and making the wrong choice could hinder your business. Choosing the right van or pickup for the right job is imperative to the success of your business.

Used Vans & Pickups; The Perfect Business Partner

Find the right van that works just as hard as you do. Here at Goldstar Commercial, we guarantee to find the right used van that will get the job done. With a great range of used vans, pickups and 4x4’s for sale.

Vans And 4x4's For A Wide Range Of Commercial Uses

We have a vast range of vans and 4x4's available for purchase on our online store. This includes vehicles used to transport goods, vehicles used to carry tools and equipment, and vehicles for off-road use. The 4x4's and vans available can be used by numerous different professionals including but not limited to tradespeople, local businesses, and delivery companies.

Having a great range of vans is only the start of the selection process. Thanks why our outstanding customer service and advice is always on hand to help you choose the vehicle that’s best suited to the job you need it to do

A small van is perfect for transporting small items in an economical manner, whereas a refrigerated van is an obvious choice for those transporting chilled foods.

Consider what you'll be carrying, as a long-wheelbase van is better for longer items, and a high roof van will be perfect for carrying something with some height to it. Consider the weight of what you're carrying, as different vehicles will have different weight capacities.

Would You Like To Make An Enquiry? Get In Touch With Our Team Today

If you are interested and would like to buy commercial vehicles from our online store and you would like additional information regarding any of the vehicles for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of specialists. They will be happy to assist you with your purchase and answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please call our team on 0208 890 2000 between 9 am and 5 pm. Alternatively please get in touch via email on