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LDV Maxus V80 And LDV Maxus EV80; What’s The Difference?

LDV Maxus V80 And LDV Maxus EV80; What’s The Difference?

Posted in Vehicle Parts by Goldstar on May 08th 2019
Curious as to what the difference is between the LDV Maxus V80 and the LDV Maxus EV80? Don’t worry; we’re here to make it simple and easy to understand.

The Maxus V80 is the van from LDV we all know and love, whereas the EV80 is an electric powered version of that same van.

The Differences Between LDV Maxus V80 And LDV Maxus EV80

Whilst at first the difference may seem simple and straight forward, after all one is powered by a lithium battery pack and the other is powered by 2.5 litre turbo diesel; however it’s not as straight forward as that, there are numerous differences between the two vans.

  • Emissions
    With the LDV Maxus V80 not even meeting the latest Euro 6 emissions regulations; it’s probably one of the least clean large vans on the market. However, on the over hand as the EV80 gets its power from a large ferric sulphate lithium battery pack, it has zero emissions, making it the ideal choice for those concerned about their carbon footprint.

  • Range
    Unlike other electric vans on the market, the EV80 only has a single choice when it comes to battery size, however this doesn’t mean it has a poor range; the pack is rated to 56kWh.

    The EV80 has enough electricity to drive for a whopping 127 miles, which whilst nothing in comparison to a diesel vehicle which could drive for hundreds on a single tank, this is a significant range for an electric van. Also, if you use a 50kW charging point, it only takes an hour to fully recharge the batteries. So if you’re carrying heavier payloads and reducing your driving range, this swift recharge might be the solution to what may have become a potential problem.

  • How It Feels To Drive
    The horsepower provided by the EV80’s electric motor provides only slightly less horsepower than the diesel motor, and the torque is very similar; with the electric van providing around 123hp and 320 Nm torque, and the turbo diesel V80 providing 136hp and 330Nm.

    However, despite the lack of power the electric version is considered by many to be nicer to drive, a common comparison of electric variants of vans. This is because electric motors provide all the torque instantly, so there are no issues with regards to getting moving. Also, as the electric van is an automatic and uses digital intelligent CVT, there’s no gearstick to be concerned about and you don’t have to worry about wearing out your clutch whilst in traffic.

    Finally, there’s significantly less vibration in the electric variant compared to the turbo diesel van. Whilst some people may find that the diesel version of this van can be quite fatiguing after extended time, the electric version with its last of vibration and diesel thrashing, provides a much more pleasant driving experience; making it an ideal choice for a commercial vehicle.

  • The Instrument Cluster
    For the most part, the instrument cluster remains mostly the same with very little changed between the V80 and the EV80. However, one of the only changes is the removal of the conventional rev counter in the electric variant; instead this version has a display which shows the remaining range and the energy usage.

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