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Why Give Your Vehicle A Facelift? With LDV Body Panels and More

Why Give Your Vehicle A Facelift? With LDV Body Panels and More

Posted in Vehicle Parts by Goldstar Commercials on April 15th 2019
If it can be said that the vehicles we drive are a reflection of our personalities, then like ourselves, they will need much care and attention paid to them in order to maintain their effectiveness.

As an experienced purveyor of commercial vehicle parts here at Goldstar, we very much subscribe to the belief that the best vehicles are ones that can continue to serve us for the long-term. So if you’re looking to refresh the look of your car or van, we have a wide range of replacement parts, including LDV body panels, that will allow you to maintain your vehicle’s look and feel, prolonging its life for a cost-effective price.

High Quality LDV Body Panels

Our dedication to maintaining high-quality vehicles is best summed up by our range of LDV body panels. No longer manufactured in the UK or Europe, spare parts for LDV vehicles are now created by the ‘Maxus’ brand, which is a subsidiary of SAIC Motor, one of China’s largest vehicle manufacturers. Like many of our other parts created by other illustrious manufacturers, we liaise with industry-leading suppliers in order to obtain them at a great, cost-effective price.

Just a selection of our high-quality body panels range includes:

  • Bumpers. Usually bolted onto the subframe of the vehicle, well-working bumpers protect the occupants from collisions, as well as absorbing the shock from minor impacts, limiting the damage to the vehicle itself.
  • Bonnet Panels. Providing easy access to the inner workings of the vehicle (including the engine and its constituent parts), bonnet panels balance the fine line between aesthetics and functional use.
  • Vehicle Wings. There are usually two wings located on a vehicle; the front and rear wings. The front wing redirects the flow of the air away from the front tyres to reduce the drag. The rear wing provides the downforce that enables the vehicle thrust to travel faster through corners by increasing the force on the tyres.
Giving your vehicle a facelift will see the replacement of these parts and more – but what exactly is ‘a facelift’, and why should you go about performing one?

Giving Your Vehicle A Facelift

What is a car facelift?

A facelift is essentially the update of a vehicle’s look, both the exterior and interior, usually along with some mechanical components too. The main focus will be the exterior; updating the front end is more uncommon than not, but changing the rear of the vehicle’s design can also refresh the look of the car and provide it with a more-modern appearance. Tweaks made to the interiors can happen throughout the life of a vehicle, but the biggest updates will often occur alongside some of the exterior changes as part of a facelift.

Why give a facelift to your vehicle?

The best vehicles are able to provide its owner with many years of good use – many cars will (should) last for more than a decade if care and attention is paid to them. Time doesn’t stand still however, and many car brands are redesigned every five years or so, leaving older models (though in brilliant working order) looking worn and unfashionable.

This is where a facelift of your LDV body panels comes in – they provide your worn-looking vehicle with a refresh, maintaining their original look and feel without you having to go the expense of trading in and purchasing a new vehicle altogether. It still operates fine, so why spend more money than you need to? Simply put, giving your car a refresh will allow you to improve its aesthetic look and operational capability, without you spending heavily on a new one. This not only saves you money but also allows you keep driving a vehicle that you’ve grown used to.

When Should I Go About My Vehicle’s Facelift?

Unless your vehicle is subjected to damage or serious, visible wear-and-tear, you should think about giving your car a facelift roughly halfway through its lifecycle – say every five years (as per the timeframe that most manufacturers use to update to their models). This will ensure that your vehicle keeps looking fresh.

Most of the time, the ‘facelift’ won’t involve major work and instead will see minor tweaks made – updating your rear lights, bumpers and providing new wheel designs are common, and make a huge difference to the look and capabilities of a car.

How Much Will The Facelift Cost?

One of the benefits of manufacturers updating their models every five years or so is that there will be plenty of leftover parts for older models that they won’t need. This allows owners of these old models to obtain these parts for cheaper – making the ownership of an older model, much more cost-effective in the long-term.

Give Your Vehicle A Facelift, With Goldstar

If you’re interested in giving your car or a van a facelift soon, then why not browse the wide and varied range of commercial vehicle parts here at Goldstar?

Please feel free to take a look around our website for any parts that you may need. If you have any questions to ask about our range of LDV body panels, or any of our parts and spares, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Call us on 0208 890 2000 or send any e-mails to info@goldstarcommercials.co.uk

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